Mega Dads are GO!!


Welcome to Mega Dads.  A smorgasbord of gaming and geeky goodness. An outlet to express our love of all things pixelated. We’re gonna have a little bit of everything here. Videos, comics, editorials, art and ham salad recipes. We’re going to experiment with alot of different things on here and hopefully you’ll dig some of them.

Gamers have changed over the years. From antisocial little cave trolls hunched over controllers in our parents basements to husbands, wives, parents and professionals hunched over controllers in our parents basements. We did what always seemed so terrifying as kids, so inconceivable and  impossibly far away. We grew up.

So this site is a tribute to all of us who daydream about gaming during meetings at work. Those of us who hope the baby would just go the hell to sleep so you can play a few more levels of Mario. Those of us who try and convert our spouses into gamers so that playing Left 4 Dead together counts as “quality time together”. Those of us who still love gaming even though life sometimes gets in the way.

We really hope that you’ll want to interact with us as well. Give us your comments and opinions, thoughts and suggestions. Just make sure they’re all really nice or you’ll make us cry.


-The Mega Dads

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