VR takes over the world.

Yesterday the news broke that Facebook had aquired Oculus VR for $2 billion dollars. Yes…billion. This took alot of people by surprise and angered many. I thought I would add my 2 cents on the matter.

First off, to those that contributed to the Kickstarter campaign and are now furious about the sale and demanding refunds…. stop. Contributing to a kickstarter is not an investment in a company or product. It is a donation to a person or people in the hopes that they might be able to bring an idea to fruition. You have no stake in that product or company. You are handing them money with no strings attached. period. If anyone donating to a kickstarter thinks otherwise, they should stop because they’re doing it wrong.

Second, to those freaking out that Facebook of all people bought them and they are going to totally ruin a great technology. I thought that at first when I heard the news. But as I began to think about it and read up on it I got excited about what great potential this has. From the sounds of it Facebook is taking this very seriously. They are not looking at this as a product to slap on store shelves, throw some games out and make a few bucks. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Morpheus will have plenty of cool games to shell out $60 for and enjoy. Facebook is looking at this as a technology in insert into your everyday lives. Imagine in ten years looking to buy a house and taking VR tours of a dozen right from your realtors office. Imagine trips to amazing locations both real and imagined. Imagine family reunions with Uncle Corky who couldn’t fly in from Albany.

The possibilities of VR technology are almost endless. Anyone who has read the book Ready Player One has a good idea. Facebook is looking to make VR not just something you do on Friday night for fun, but something that is integrated into our lives. You don’t spend 2 billion dollars on something unless you’re completely commited to its potential. To them it’s not just a game.

 -Mega Dad John

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