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E3 is wrapping up and all the excitement of new reveals and demos is beginning to fade. But as all the hype dies down and we prepare for the industry buzz to go back into hibernation I wanted to point out the most important thing that E3 gave us this year: Recognition.  Even more so than the big games and platform developments, all three major developers took the time to tell us as gamers that we matter. One of the big sound bites this year was that gaming is the fastest growing form of entertainment in the world, a fact that was illustrated by touting huge numbers of installed bases and usage figures. Playstation 4 and Xbox One have sold over 12 million units combined. Figures like those tell us that this is the hottest time to be a gamer. Our numbers are growing and our media is more important than ever.

But that’s all just business talk, right? Being a gamer was never about sales figures or being popular. I sure as hell wasn’t worried about appearances when I was writing Final Fantasy 6 fan-fiction in my bedroom when I was 14. Being a gamer has always been about what Reggie Fils-Aime talked about so eloquently in his E3 presentation, it’s about the love of this unique craft that is video games. We all have a bond with them and E3 this year took the time to tell us that more than the demos, trailers and booth presentations, this is all about love and community. We are gamers, a growing demographic of people who have embraced the concept of evolving play.


Microsoft’s conference took the time at both ends of its presentation to acknowledge us and to tell us that we’re not just consumers, we’re a community. Our voice changed the very nature of the Xbox One. Isn’t that cool?! Nintendo talked about the soul of their games and how we can always rely on them to be there for us. How amazing is it to have a global corporation speak about genuine loyalty to its user base? Sony spoke about their continual efforts to redefine how we think about bringing us together through play and sharing. The message was clear across all three major presentations: be proud of your gamer family.

It kind of embodies everything that we try and express here at Mega Dads. Even though we’re adults, professionals, and parents, we are changing what all of that looks like. It’s not just about sitting in your basement and goofing off. This year’s E3 games showed us amazing artistic expression with titles like Abzu, they told stories of perseverance like developer Hello Games’ journey creating No Man’s Sky. There is a real heart to being a gamer right now and it’s giving us something to really be proud of.

That’s what I loved so much about this years E3. It really seemed to be a love letter from the entire industry to us, the people who support, embrace and shape what that industry is and what it will become. So stand tall everyone, the state of our community is strong and getting strong. We, the gamers, should be proud.


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