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 The moment I fell in love with my wife wasn’t the first time I saw her at the nightclub we met at. It wasn’t our first date to Minnehaha Falls. It wasn’t even on our trip to Paris. No, the moment I knew she was the one was the moment I saw that Playstation 2 in her entertainment center.

That may be a little bit of an exaggeration. But i’ll be damned if that didn’t seal the deal.


I’m sure i’m not alone in the geek/nerd community when I say that social situations have never come very naturally to me. I’m not outgoing or particularly personable and I find speaking to people I don’t knowing fairly unpleasant and I try and avoid it whenever possible. So as you can imagine this made meeting women rather difficult. So that night when I first saw my future wife I found myself surprised when I was able to speak to her without tripping and falling on my face. Sure you could say that a few drinks had given me an extra boost of liquid courage but I’d like to think maybe it was something more than that. There was definitely something different this time. Something different about her. Maybe I sensed a kindred soul.

As we got to know each other better as time went on we found that we had alot in common. But it wasn’t until I walked into her apartment and saw Grand Theft Auto III on the shelf that I knew. She is… The One. The one that the oracle had told me about. But how could I be sure? Sitting next to GTA III on that shelf also sat ‘Big Mother Truckers’ & ‘Britney’s Dance Beat’. Maybe the prophecy was false, maybe it was all just a lie. Thankfully as the weeks went on I discovered that those other games were just an anomoly. We went on to rule the galaxy together in Star Wars Battlefront and fight the nazis in LEGO: Indiana Jones. She was definitely the one I had been searching for for so long. It didn’t hurt that she was beautiful, funny and kind too. But finding a woman that has all of that AND can defeat Ganon? That is truly a rare find.

In the years since, gaming has been a part of our relationship every step of the way. With all of the places we’ve traveled to and things we’ve done, some of my favorite memories are of us sitting down together after a long day and getting lost together in a good game for an hour or two. Whether we’re blasting our way through waves of Locusts, racing for the safehouse through a horde of zombies or jamming through a setlist in Rock Band, I know she’s always got my back. She even dressed up as a wiimote a few years ago for Halloween! So after 10 years of being together I think I hit the jackpot. I couldn’t ask for a better partner for life or for co-op.

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