Extra Life 2014 Update

Hi all!

Just a quick word to fill you in on where we stand on our fundraising efforts with 3 days to go until the big marathon. We currently are sitting at 72% of our fundraising goal of $750.00 and we really hope we can get that final boost to get us there!

The Extra Life campaign has already topped $2 million this year and I think it’ll be the biggest year ever for us. Extra Life raises money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals across the country and help kids and families in need of help.

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Everyone who donates to Team Mega Dads will receive a copy of the game World of Goo for PC/Mac and for each $5 donated you’ll be entered into our grand prize drawing which includes goodies like shirts, prints and more. We hope you’ll take a moment to consider donating and thanks in advance!


-John & Adam

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