Behind the Scenes: Mega Dads Live

imageWhen Adam and I originally came up with the concept for Mega Dads almost one year ago we had a basic outline of what we wanted the site to consist of. We knew that the weekly blog would be our main focus followed by the comic strip and some whacky videos here and there. But shortly after we launched, the idea came up for us to do a podcast. Neither one of us knew the first thing about recording a podcast but we knew that we had a passion for games, a unique perspective on being a gamer and a sense of humor that we thought would translate well into a show. So we learned the basics and dove headfirst into the world of podcasting.

First we knew that we needed a “studio” and thankfully Adams home office fit the bill. As a musician, Adam had some sound editing experience so it made sense to record there where he could then edit the show and do any post production. In fact all of the music you hear during an episode of Mega Dads Live is created by Adam. At first we recorded using the built in microphone on his iMac but it quickly became apparent that the sound quality wasn’t going to be as good as we’d like. Luckily we had both been heavy into the Guitar Hero/Rock Band games so we had a stash of USB microphones that were collecting dust. They may not be top of line microphones but they definitely improved the sound quality and when we invested in a pair of pop filters it almost started to sound like a real show!

imageTypically the way we start putting the show together is about one week before we record I start building the show segments. First I gather a selection of the top news stories of the past month in the gaming world. I try and come up with things that are varied and will be interesting to discuss. I also come up with a topic for our ‘Last Word’ segment which is an open discussion which can cover pretty much any topic from our favorite game composers to Christmas memories. Once I have those essentials I print out show notes for us to follow as we record. With our outline in hand we hit the studio! Often times we’ll make an evening out of it, getting both of our families together for dinner and then the kids can all play together and our wives can hang out while we record the show and talk about how nerdy we are.

Once we’ve finished recording, Adam’s wife records the intro for the episode and Adam goes into Garage Band to do any editing that needs to be done and sync the music up with the rest of the audio. At first the post production was pretty labor intensive with a lot of adjustments for sound levels and such, but the more shows we get under our belt the faster it goes and now Adam can have it all finished pretty quick. Once it’s all done it gets uploaded and tossed out into the internet for all to enjoy! We still have a lot to learn about the production side of things and I’m sure we’ll invest in some higher quality mics at some point, but for now I’m pretty satisfied with the quality of the show we’ve managed to put out. I think as far as sound and presentation goes it can stand up next to a lot of the podcasts out there.

imageConsidering that it wasn’t in the cards when we began, doing Mega Dads Live has become probably my favorite part of what Adam and I do. We have a blast recording and I think it comes across in the final product. We may not have a very big audience (yet!) but that doesn’t detract from how incredibly rewarding this show is to produce. I hope that if you like what we write on our blog that you’ll take a chance to check out the show. And if you actually enjoy the show I hope you feel motivated to leave an iTunes review or share it with your friends. Mega Dads Live will hopefully be something we can continue to put out for years to come and thank you so much to those that have taken the time to listen to a couple of middle aged dorks ramble on about the hobby that they love. If you’d like to check out the show you can find it at either of the links below or right here at every single month.

Mega Dads Live on iTunes

Mega Dads Live on Stitcher

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