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As an administrator of two social media sites (Mega Dads and The Art of Adam Leonhardt), and someone with my own personal Facebook account as well, I find myself spending too much time wondering what kind of exposure my content is getting. I strategize what kind of posts I can make that will garner the most attention, and in turn views. And to be honest, I find myself gauging my successes based on how many ‘Likes’ something gets.

I was thinking about that this weekend when the latest Mega Dads comics strip attracted record numbers to our site and also a healthy supply of those magical beans known as ‘Likes’ across my various social media pages. It caught my attention because the little thumb up in the bottom corner of my post was giving me more happiness than the real accomplishment of what I had created.


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Don’t get me wrong, the ultimate idea is to make our readership happy and give them content that they’ll actually want to read and enjoy. But chasing ‘Likes’ is different than getting people to actually like something. There’s an overall affliction that many of us in today’s social media-hungry civilization suffer from where people are obsessed with staying up to date with status’, “checking in” everywhere they go, and snapping pictures of their dinner as if anyone is even remotely interested in what they’re eating on a Thursday night. But I’m not going to delve into that pitfall, I want to talk more about why we here at Mega Dads share what we do.

Mega Dads was formulated with the idea that our demographic is going through a lot of changes. We’re aging, shifting priorities and quite honestly ‘growing up’. The things we love from our youth, and the things we used to do for ourselves are getting harder and harder to find time for. John and I recognized that we were at a tipping point in our lives and while life was changing, who we were didn’t have to. As the inaugural gamer generation begins to go through those changes with us we wanted to acknowledge that and build a community of people who are along with us for that ride.

While Mega Dads isn’t focused exclusively on that demo, we really wanted to put aim on what that situation is like for people like us. We wanted to share our experiences in a fun way that gets people together, talking and engaged. We also want people to be happy with who and what they are. We’re the rally cry for the middle-aged dork who lines his shelves with amiibo after putting their son down for his nap. At Mega Dads we try to make your day-to-day life a little more fun through YouTube videos, comic strips and podcasts that cater to the inner kid in all of us.

I think as this first year of Mega Dads has gone by, it’s time for us to refocus on that. We want to ramp up community involvement. We want you guys to get on board. It’s more than clicking the ‘Like’ button. We want to open a dialogue with you and build a real sense of family with our Mega Dads fans. Whether you’re a first-time reader of our blog or a fan since day one, we want to hear from you. Tell us your experiences, tell us what you want to see more of from us, tell us how great my hair looks.

Mega Dads is a community above all else. If you have friends who you chat about games with, or maybe swap parenting stories, get them involved too! We want to build a network where everyone is an equal contributor and a part of the Mega Dads team. We really hope you’ll help us build Mega Dads to be the best that it can be. We’ll continue to do our best to represent you guys and give you something to help make your day a little more fun. Let’s make Year Two even better than the first. We hope you’re with us.

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This week’s speed painting comes by request. Here is Cammy from the Street Fighter series! You can see Cammy and all my other speed paintings in our new gallery section here at Mega And as always you can leave your request for me to make a speed painting of the video game character of your choice right here in the comments section.


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  1. Excellent post. I too find myself stressing over chasing the magical “like” dragon, but to be at it a year and still going strong is really great. Our site started as a community first then evolved into what it currently is even though its only been around a couple months its still been very hard to grow the community. Best of luck to you guys

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