The State of the Mega Dads

imageOne year ago today, I posted the first ever blog on Mega Dads. It was titled VR Takes Over The World and was about Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook’s purchase of Oculus VR. Looking back it’s pretty clear that it isn’t a very well written blog and I wasn’t in any danger of winning a Pulitzer Prize for journalism, but it was a start. A start to an idea that Adam and I hatched around his dining room table last winter. We wanted a way to express our life long love and passion for the video game world. And 51 posts later I’m pretty damn impressed by what Adam and I have put together here.

We’ve been able to maintain our weekly blog schedule even when life sometimes made it tough to find the time. And in the past 365 days we’ve done several that I’m really proud of. In Grow Up, Adam talked about adapting to his new role as a father and starting his new career. He wrote about trying to find a new balance, embracing the new and exciting things in his life while not losing sight of the things that made him who he is. And in Strange Connections, I looked at the death of Andrew Yoon. A man who I knew only from Twitter and his podcast, and how in the age of social media that kind of a loss can have an unexpected affect on you. I think our blogs have done a good job discussing a wide range of topics from the challenges of fatherhood to whatever is going on in gaming that week. And I’m super excited to see what we tackle in the future. image Our podcast, Mega Dads Live has also turned into something that we are both very proud of. We’re coming up on our 12th episode and it can now be found on Stitcher as well as iTunes and right here on The show has been a tremendous amount of fun to do and continues to change and evolve as we go. We’ve made improvements on the technical side of things and are becoming more comfortable with the routine. As our wives can attest to, the two of us are really good at talking about video games non stop for hours at a time and as we enter our second year we’re starting to hit our stride and are really putting out something fun and special.

The Comic Strip is the other element of the Mega Dads Triforce that we’ve been putting out and is probably the one that has gotten the most positive responses. Adam has created some awesome animated versions of ourselves (after a little tweaking) and the strip has really turned out pretty great. It’s been so much fun coming up with stupid scenarios to put our comic versions of ourselves in.And while we haven’t put out as many videos in the last 6 months as we did in the beginning, we aren’t abandoning them. We received a lot of positive feedback about our Kid Reviews and we have many other ideas of how to make ourselves look really stupid in front of the camera in the next year. It’s just a matter of finding the time for filming, editing, etc. on top of everything else we do.

All told, the last 12 months have been amazing and filled with great memories. From coming up with the proper construction of a sandwich to throw at Adams face to participating for the 2nd time in the 24 hour gaming marathon for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. The past year has far exceeded my expectations. When we started Mega Dads I was hoping to attract dozens to our goofy little blog, but here we are with thousands of visitors checking out the site. And that’s thanks to all of you who have liked, shared, commented and participated with us in this grand experiment. We wanted a place where all gamers would feel welcome. From the Amiibo collecting kids to the working moms to the guys like us holding on for dear life to their childhoods as we get dragged kicking and screaming into adulthood.

We have a few new things lined up for this year including our Dad Spotlight which will profile some of the awesome dads that are a part of our community. You can look for that and more starting in April. Thank you for hanging out with us and we hope you’ll stick around to see what kind of nonsense we have in store next!

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