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Nick Edwards

Co-Founder/Editor at

Detroit, MI

Twitter: @thedadcade

PSN: Sinsbff

What is the first video game you ever played?

The first video game I remember playing is Duck Hunt on my Uncles NES. I was about four so of course I got as close to the TV without actually being on or in it.

What is your favorite game of all time?

Now this is the most difficult question that can be asked of any gamer. Different games mean different things to me. I can say that Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance is one of my favorites because of the late nights spent with friends and a 30 pack, or Earthworm Jim because it was funny and challenging. I can say the Last of Us because even after a year it still gets to me. It could very well be Super Mario Bros. 3 because after all these years it’s still a really fun game.

What do you do for fun when not playing video games?

Aside from playing with my kids, I love hockey and play when I can. I also have a pretty sizeable board game collection.

How do you balance gaming and family life?

Having a two little ones keeps my wife and I fairly busy but found that making schedules and plans has helped out a lot. We have nights that we plan on spending with each other and nights we plan on doing our own thing and for me that means getting some gaming in. Of course that all goes out the window when the kids decide they don’t want to go to sleep till 9 at night.

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