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imageThis Sunday is Mother’s Day. A day to get together with family and celebrate the Mom’s in your life. The day for Mom to be pampered and spoiled and shown how much they mean to you. In my family it usually means getting together for a meal, giving them a card and a gift and hanging out for a few hours. But are those gestures really enough to show your gratitude? For me I’m not so sure that they are. The strong women in my family have always been the glue that held it all together. The foundation on which the family is built. And I’m not so sure that a Hallmark card and a scented candle are enough to show them just how much they mean to me.

My wife is possibly the strongest woman I’ve ever known. She is a strong willed career woman who somehow manages to balance working long hours with still being the take charge Mom at home. I can be a bit introverted or anti-social, and she never hesitates to jump in and do what needs to be done in any situation. She can be the tough as nails bad-cop when someone needs to lay down the law on a pair of unruly kids, and she can be the caretaker who wipes away tears and bandages scraped knees. She gets everybody where they need to go because I have absolutely no sense of direction, and she helps to explain tricky homework problems. She even climbs on the roof in the winter to hang Christmas lights because her husband is scared of heights. About the only thing my wife CAN’T do is kill spiders for some reason. My wife truly is the captain that steers this ship and if it wasn’t for her I probably would have shipwrecked long ago.

My Mom on the other hand is possibly the most resilient woman I know. To say that she had her hands full raising my brothers and I is like saying the Titanic had a small problem with ice buildup. When my mom was faced with having to raise 3 boys by herself she did whatever she had to do to get us what we needed, even if it meant putting her own needs last. And I didn’t exactly make it easy on her. I was a colossal pain in the ass of a child and made a difficult situation for her even tougher. A lesser person could have given up, but she fought and fought even when some of the battles couldn’t be won. She taught me what it means to be willing to sacrifice anything and everything for your child.

As the father of two girls I’m grateful that they have so many great women in their lives to look up to and to help guide them through life. They will never be short of positive female role models and I’m confident that they will grow up to be strong, amazing women (and hopefully moms themselves one day). So thank you to my wife, my mom and to all of the awesome moms out there who work so hard and give so much.

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