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Heroes Of The Storm – 6/2  (PC)

imageBlizzard throws its hat into the MOBA arena this week when Heroes Of The Storm exits its beta. The game has been a big hit so far and was featured on ESPN 2 for their Heroes Of The Dorm tournament. Can it stand up to the stiff competition of DOTA and League of Legends? If anyone can do it, Blizzard can.

Also Available

Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven  –  6/2  (3DS)

Tetris Ultimate  –  6/2  (Vita)

Terraria  –  6/2  (Vita)

The Escapists  –  6/2  (PS4)

You Must Build a Boat  –  6/4  (PC, iOS, Android)

D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die  –  6/5  (PC)

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