New Releases – LEGO Jurassic World


LEGO Jurassic World – 6/12  (Xbox One, 360, PS4, PS3, WiiU, 3DS, Vita, PC)


After successfully handling Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, Batman and more… it seemed like a perfect fit to recreate the Jurassic Park films in LEGO form. Using the fun and humor that they’re known for, TT Games recreates all 3 of the classic films as well as the upcoming Jurassic World. It promises to be another hit that’s fun for kids of all ages.

Also Available

The Elder Scrolls Online  –  6/9  (Xbox One, PS4)

Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy  –  6/9  (Vita)

Dr.Mario: Miracle Cure  –  6/11  (3DS)

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