New Releases – Rory McIlroy PGA Tour

imageea-sports-rory-mcilroy-pga-tour-xbox-one-box-artRory McIlroy PGA Tour  –  7/14  (Xbox One, PS4)

imageRory McIlroy takes the reigns of the EA Sports franchise from Tiger Woods and hopes to inject some new life into the premiere golf game. He may have torn up his ankle in real life, but you can still take his digital self out on the links for 18 holes of relaxation. So grab your wood and get swinging!

Also Available

Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess  –  7/14  (PS4, PS3, Vita)

God of War III: Remastered  –  7/14  (PS4)

Godzilla  –  7/14  (PS4, PS3)

The Fall  –  7/14  (Xbox One, PS4)

AR-K: The Great Escape  –  7/14  (PC)

Guild of Dungeoneering  –  7/14  (PC)

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter  –  7/15  (PS4)

Sorcerer King  –  7/16  (PC)

SlashDash  –  7/17  (Xbox One)

No Time To Explain  –  7/17  (Xbox One)

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