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By: Adam

Something strange has been happening lately, Mega Dads is becoming sorta reputable. When we started, MD was a couple of random ideas, a few jokes about being old, and some goofy illustrations to glue it all together. It was really just for fun and something to do to wave our geek flags around during our free time. Fast forward a year and a half and things are looking a bit more polished, precise and professional.

Suddenly we have a regular audience of fans that look forward to the latest episodes of our podcast Mega Dads Live and our comic strip Mega Dads 2D, industry professionals are taking part in our Gamer Spotlights, game companies are participating in our prize giveaways for our Extra Life campaigns, and just recently John and I have been invited to participate at 2 local conventions to help promote the brand. Weird.


Two months from now the Mega Dads will be attending the Midwest Comic Book Association’s Fall Comicon at the Minnesota State Fair Grounds. We’ll be showcasing just what we have to offer here at Mega Dads in an attempt to broaden our audience and grow our community even more. I’ll also be selling some of my original art, children’s books and I’ll even be taking commission requests from the comfort of our very own Mega Dads booth.

Next summer we’ve already been booked for 2D Con, a local convention that celebrates the industry that we spotlight every day here at Mega Dads, the gaming industry. We’ll be appearing at this weekend-long event as ‘media professionals’ and we’re in the early stages of planning out some fun events such as a public recording of Mega Dads Live. It’s gonna be a blast.

It has always been a goal to reach out to the community of ‘aging gamers’ and engage people in the conversation around our demographic and the changing face of adulthood. But never did I really imagine that our reach would go as far as it has in such a short time. It’s a little surreal. When I think of the milestones we’ve reached in a year and a half, and how differently Mega Dads looks today, I can’t help but wonder what it will look like in another year. We have no plans on slowing down, as we’re always working to broaden our appeal with new ideas and experiments. So as the Mega Dads look to take our nonsense to the people, we of course turn to you, our fans to ask what you want to see next? What do you see as the next evolution of Mega Dads?

Please follow the link and take this survey to let us know your ideas/thoughts as to where we should steer this ship next!


This week’s speed painting is ‘Koopa Paratroopa’. Doesn’t he look so sad? 🙁

Who would you like to see painted next? Sound off in the comments below!

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