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A lot of gamers my age find themselves with less and less time to dedicate to their digital pastime. These days I spend more time playing with Elmo and Cookie Monster than I do Mario and Luigi. It’s with that in mind that I turn my attention to some games that cater to the by-the-minute gamer. Games that are perfect in short bursts and optimal for micro play session. These are three games that I have found are good to sneak in for a quick session during nap-times.


This game is designed for quick play sessions. With regular battles only lasting a handful of minutes, and matches being super quick to setup and get started, Splatoon is a speed gamers dream. Each match is as simple to get in to as it is fun. While the game rewards players who evolve their strategies and techniques, Splatoon is very forgiving to the newby and is designed for everyone to succeed and have fun. The only problem this game poses to the speed gamer is forcing yourself to eventually turn it off.



I recently downloaded this quirky little sim game from Bethesda and found it to be a fun little diversion for gamers that doesn’t demand much time or thought. In Fallout Shelter after you go through the tutorial and establish your community of chipper little survivors you can easily check in for a handful of minutes here or there to make sure nobody has become radioactive or eaten alive by man-sized cockroaches.


While Batman is a story heavy game, I find that there is so much side-content and mini missions that makes this a great game for the speed gamer. It’s easy to dismiss yourself from the main quest and use your limited time to chip away at the side quests. Honestly there’s so much to do in Batman that you could spend months on end in this game and never run out of things to do. From investigating crime scenes in order to track a serial killer, to solving Riddler challenges, to learning to Double Dutch with Nightwing, you always have something to do during your brief trips to Gotham.

So what is your favorite game to play in a crunch? Share with the Mega Dads community and give us your take on the best short-burst games. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have about five minutes to make sure my vault dwellers are breeding and feeding like they’re supposed to…


This week’s speed painting is Slippy from the Star Fox series. Who would you like to see enter our gallery next? Let us know in the comments section and Adam will make it happen!

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