Extra Life Week Two – Bastion giveaway

Extra+Life+basic+logo+capWeek two of our Ten Weeks of Giving campaign is here! If you’re unfamiliar with the Extra Life campaign, watch the video below to see what it’s all about. It’s a great cause and has done great things since it began in 2008.

Every donation is important whether you have $50 to give or $5, every single dollar helps. Please take a quick moment to lend us your support through a donation. It’s quick, easy and tax deductible.

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Week Two Prize


bastion_wallpaper__1920x1080__by_sonicmon101-d6jfuzyFor our week two prize we have 5 Steam codes for Bastion from Supergiant Games! Once again they are available on a first come basis so enter the hashtag #bastion when you donate to get your copy. And as always every single donor receives a copy of World of Goo as well. Just make a donation for a MINIMUM OF $5 right HERE! This prize is available until 9/17 at which point a new prize will be revealed. Thanks in advance for your donation!

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