Extra Life Week Three – Roundabout giveaway

Extra+Life+basic+logo+capWe’re entering week three of our 10 Weeks of Giving campaign. Like it is every year in the beginning, it’s been slow getting people to open up their wallets. Times are tough for a lot of people and sometimes donating to charity isn’t a top priority. But just know that every single donation is appreciated. Maybe this week skip your morning Starbucks trip. Or check around the house for loose change. It’s not hard to come up with $5 or $10 dollars to give to such a wonderful cause. If everyone gives just a little we can make our goal this year. And if you absolutely can’t afford it, do us a favor and share this page with your friends on Facebook or Twitter. That’s FREE!

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Week Three Prize



This week we’re giving away 4 copies of Roundabout from No Goblin for the Playstation 4! We have 2 copies for North American accounts and 2 for Europe. So when you make a donation ($5 Minimum) leave the hashtag #PS4NA or #PS4EU to indicate which copy of the game you would like. Like always they’re given away to the first donors so make your donation quick to snatch a copy. Thanks again so much for your support!!

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