Today is John’s birthday, and as his little brother it is my duty to humiliate him in front of the entirety of the Internet. While our readers and listeners know him as a Mega Dad, I have had the … pleasure … of growing up with this absolute freak of a human being and I can share with you how celebrating another year of John is also celebrating another year of the planet having survived him.

Growing up with John as an older brother was kind of like living with the Tasmanian Devil. Not only in the sense that his room was an absolute garbage heap of pop cans, EGM magazines and Backlash comics, but also that he had the temperament of a Pit Bull on cocaine. Many-a-time did I suffer the wrath of John as a child, having He-Man toys thrown at me from across the room with sniper-like accuracy, or being chased with buckets full of G.I. Joes swinging at my heels like a ball and chain. Yes… John actually came at me with an entire army. John as an older brother was dangerous and we used to straight-up hate each other.

It’s kind of funny how things work out because after we survived the teenage years of nearly coming to blows over arguments about whether or not Crash Bandicoot had better graphics than Mario 64 (OK, you son of a bitch. You win. Mario looked better) we actually came out the other side as friends. It’s no small feat either. As some of you may or may not know, being related doesn’t mean you have to like each other or even get along by default. In fact being related to someone can put you on the path to becoming mortal enemies. But John and I beat the odds after beating the crap out of each other.

As an adult, he’s the closest thing I have to a best friend and there’s nobody I’d rather be doing this site with… except for Blair Underwood. Now that we’re getting old and don’t have as much energy to put towards actively hating each other we get along pretty darn well. Our mutual love of all things Geek means we always have something to talk about and helps us avoid any actual meaningful conversations about feelings or other stupid garbage like that. Our partnership on Mega Dads means that I can constantly come up with great ideas for him to steal and present as his own. And us both being parents means that we can share stories and advice about this stage of life… and eventually once my son gets old enough our kids will be able to battle each other. It’s gonna be sweet.

So today I ask the Mega Dads community to take time out of their busy day to send John a birthday wish both here on the website and on our social media sites Facebook and Twitter. As a thanks for you doing that I’m going to show you a picture of John on the toilet. Happy Birthday, Bro.



This week’s speed painting is of Kratos from God of War. This kind of looks like John when he’d come after me with a bucket full of G. I. Joes…

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