Extra Life Week Six – Guacamelee giveaway

Extra+Life+basic+logo+capIt’s hard to believe but it’s only 4 weeks until game day! We’re so thankful for everyone who has donated and we encourage you to tell a friend about Extra Life. We need all the help we can get! This week we thought we would share a bit about the hospital that our donations will be going to, Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare!

Gillette is a world renowned leader in the treatment of children, teens and adults with disabilities and complicated medical conditions. Located in St.Paul, Minnesota, Gillette was founded in 1897 and was the first hospital in the country for children with disabilities.Every year the serve over 25,000 patients with conditions ranging from cerebral palsy to spina bifida. They take extraordinary care not only of their patients, but the whole family as well. To find out more about Gillette visit their website HERE.

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Week Six Prize

Guacamelee: Super Turbo Championship Edition

headerThis week we’re very happy to be giving away copies of Guacamelee from Drinkbox Studios! One of the best indie games to come out in the last few years, Guacamelee is a “metroid-vania” style action game that features great characters, a fun sense of humor and a tough challenge. We have 5 Steam codes to give away to the first 5 people who donate $5 or more. If you haven’t played this awesome game, don’t miss out on this chance to catch up AND give to charity at the same time!

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