Con Men

This past weekend, Adam and I had a chance to participate in something that we wouldn’t have dreamt about last year as we sat around his dining room table and discussed the concept behind our new site, Mega Dads. We were guests at an honest to goodness convention. The MCBA (Minnesota Comic Book Association) invited Adam due to his artwork in our Mega Dads comic strip and on his Art of Adam Leonhardt page. It was a surreal experience as we both had attended many conventions back when we were both avid comics readers in the 90’s. Back then we would spend many days sitting around drawing our own comic books, never thinking that one day people would stop by our own table at ComiCon.

 The invitation came just a few months before the con so we didn’t have lots of time for planning, but we decided to go all out and try to make Mega Dads look like a legit operation. We printed a banner, flyers, business cards and cute little bookmarks to hand out to people. We had art prints and books for sale, and Adam would do sketches for those who asked. We had all of the appearances of two people who knew what the hell they were doing.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect as we set up our table as people began to line up outside. Would anyone stop at our table? Would we get laughed out of the building? Much to my surprise it actually went incredibly well. The crowd was huge, the people were amazing (some seriously awesome cosplay) and folks actually stopped by our table to see what Mega Dads is all about. Let me say that again. Crowds of people stopped by our table at a convention full of professionals to see what we were doing. That’s insane. They even fed us hot dogs and brought refreshments out to us from time to time. This $h!t just got real!

MCBA Fall Comicon was an experience that we’ll never forget. It was another step in the growth of Mega Dads into something bigger and cooler than I ever thought possible. We met lots of cool people, saw some amazingly talented artists and cosplayers, made a couple of bucks and learned a lot that we can use at our next convention appearance (2D Con!!). So to the MCBA, the staff who treated us great, our table neighbors (check out Hench Inc. & Zombies B.C.) and most of all the fans who stopped by to say hi, THANK YOU! We had the time of our lives and we’ll be seeing you again soon.

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