Extra Life Week Seven – Double Fine 2-Pack giveaway

Extra+Life+basic+logo+capOMG we’re only 3 weeks away from Extra Life 2015! We’re currently sitting at 33% of our fundraising goal and although that seems like we’ve got a long way to go, I have faith that we’ll be able to hit our goal this year. Soon we’ll be compiling our list of games to stream on Twitch during the marathon and if you have any good suggestions for what you’d like to see us play please let us know. The last few weeks of fundraising will feature some of our best prize giveaways as well, so if you haven’t donated already please take the time to help CMN Hospitals!

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Week Seven Prize

Double Fine 2-Pack: Massive Chalice/Broken Age

This week we’re very excited to be offering not one but TWO great games to this weeks donors. It’s a pair of amazing titles from Double Fine Games! Massive Chalice and Broken Age are two outstanding games that you can have with a minimum $5 donation to our Extra Life campaign. We have 5 pairs of Steam codes for these awesome games that are once again available on a first come basis. And don’t forget that every single donor receives a code for the game World of Goo, so that’s $65 worth of games to the first 5 donors this week!  That’s a tough deal to beat. And the best part is that every cent you donate goes to the kids!

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