Dear Fellow White Dudes,

imageDear Fellow White Dudes,

Last week I read about a group of you that are boycotting the new Star Wars film that comes out in December. It’s not very unusual for some group to boycott a film, but this boycott isn’t for the typical nerdy reasons that one might boycott Star Wars like “no Boba Fett” or “that lightsaber is wrong”. The reason some of you are upset is because Star Wars: The Force Awakens apparently isn’t white enough. Yes you read that correctly, the hashtag #BoycottStarWarsVII has been making the rounds because the new movie is supposedly anti-white and promotes so called “white genocide”. Which is not only incredibly insulting to anyone who has been affected by actual genocide, but also completely ridiculous and flat out false.

star-wars-03There are three new lead characters in the movie of which two of them have committed the terrible offense of being black and Cuban. This of course means that the movie is some sort of liberal propaganda film that is out to crap on your childhood memories and destroy the white race. Even though by the looks of the trailer, the movie still has lots of white actors in it, It’s just not COMPLETELY white. And never mind the fact that Lando Calrissian was one of coolest characters in the original trilogy and Mace Windu was maybe the ONLY cool character in the prequels. Even director J.J. Abrahms hasn’t escaped the idiotic rage and has been called out as being an “anti-white nut” (though last time I looked I’m pretty sure J.J. is in fact white).

My point is that people need to stop it with the temper tantrums every time somebody says or does something that you don’t like with one of your hobbies or favorite movies. You don’t have to like the new Star Wars movie, but you also don’t need to poop your diapers and spew racist garbage onto the internet. Here’s a thought…just don’t go to the damned movie! Here’s what some people don’t seem to get, Star Wars isn’t yours. It is an intellectual property owned by the Walt Disney Company and they can do whatever they want to do with it. If they want Episode 8 to star Miley Cyrus and Pewdiepie then that’s their prerogative. And if sucking on the cherry flavored tongue of Jar Jar Binks didn’t already completely destroy the sanctity of Star Wars, I’m pretty sure that having a black guy in the lead role won’t either.

jar-jar-tongue-sucker_142515-fli_1376304576There is a tendency in geek culture for people to become obsessively attached to the things that they love and it just isn’t healthy.  That’s how you get people sending death threats because a woman pointed out a few flaws in gaming culture. It’s okay to not like a thing, it’s okay to find fault in something you love. But it’s not okay to spread hatred just because you have a keyboard and an internet connection.

I find it especially ironic considering that so much of the best sci-fi/fantasy material (Star Trek, X-Men, etc.) preaches acceptance and tolerance. That’s one of the great things about it, it appeals to such a wide range of audiences. They should be for anyone and everyone who wants to enjoy it and the more of those diverse people that are represented in the actual films, television shows and games the better. So please do me a favor pissed off white dudes, calm the hell down. You look like giant babies and you’re making the rest of us “non-insane” white people look bad.

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