Extra Life Update – The Final Week

Extra+Life+basic+logo+capThis is it! This is the final week to donate and the final fundraising update before gameday on November 7th. We currently are sitting at 60% of our fundraising goal of $750 for Team Mega Dads. It’s going to be a photo finish that I think will come right down to the wire but I have every confidence that we can all get there. Typically I would use this weekly update to tell you about all of the awesome prizes he have to give away to donors (of which we have many left), but I thought I would use this last update to tell you a little bit more about the real reason that you should donate. The kids.

Gillette_Childrens_Specialty_Healthcare_Lifetime_Homepage_Slider_BaoExtra Life was started in 2008 in honor of the late Victoria Enmon. If you haven’t heard her story yet I highly suggest you watch the video HERE. Since then, Extra Life has raised over $14 million dollars for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals including the hospital we play for Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare. Here are some amazing facts about CMN Hospitals:

  • 1 in 10 children in North America is treated by a CMN Hospital each year
  • Every day, CMN Hospitals treat 16,000 kids in emergency rooms
  • Every hour, CMN Hospitals perform 97 surgeries
  • U.S. CMN Hospitals provided 3.4 billion dollars in charity care in 2012.

Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare is recognized worldwide as a leader in treatment for children, teens and adults for disabilities and complicated medical conditions. Gillette attracts the nation’s top surgeons and physicians in numerous specialties. Their medical staff is internationally recognized for excellence in surgical, medical and rehabilitative care. You can find out much more about where your donation will go to by visiting them HERE.

Homepage_slider_2015_Sunline_gillette_childrensBy making a donation to Extra Life you are making a substantial difference in the lives of the families that rely on Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals for care. Whether you can give $5 or $50, every dollar makes a difference. That’s why we’re asking one more time to consider making a donation. It’s super fast and easy to do, it’s tax deductible, it’ll make you feel warm and fuzzy inside, and you know…… prizes.

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