New Releases – Star Wars Battlefront

IMG_3927Star Wars Battlefront  –  11/17  (PS4, XB1, PC)

Star Wars makes its long awaited debut on new gen consoles with the return of the popular Star Wars Battlefront series. Players take part in epic online battles on iconic Star Wars locations such as Hoth, Endor and Tattoine. With incredible production value and super smooth gameplay, this promises to be one of the biggest shooters of the year. Also, if you’re a member of EA Access on Xbox One you can play 10 free hours of the game RIGHT NOW!

Also Available

Knight Squad  –  11/16  (XB1, PC)

Stella Glow  –  11/17  (3DS)

The Crew: Wild Run  –  11/17  (XB1, PS4, PC)

Family Fishing  –  11/19  (3DS)

Totem Topple  –  11/19  (WiiU, PC)

Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash  –  11/20  (WiiU)

Nintendo presents: New Style Boutique 2 – Fashion Forward  –  11/20  (3DS)

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