Giving Thanks

Today many of us will gather around the dinner table with our families to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner. We’ll watch some football, enjoy the terrible lip synched performances at the Macy’s parade and pretend that we get along with everyone in our family. But before you fall into that stuffing fueled coma, take a few moments to give thanks for all that you have. The world is full of so much fear and hatred and anger right now, it would do us all a little good to stop and be grateful for what we have. Even if it’s not very much, it’s more than some have. We asked you what you were thankful for this year and we’re honored to be able to share some of those thoughts.


Daniel DavisMy wife got into a study for IVF (invetro) down in LA and we’ve been trying for 8 years and she’s been deemed infertile. A cost of IVF for one round is $26,722 and it’s being done for free. It has a 82% success rate. I’m thankful for the possibility of being a father, and my wife’s perseverance and determination.”

Victor Aragon I am thankful that I have finally found a job, actually 2 jobs and that my family is healthy and we have a place to live.”

Jon Hydeman “I’m thankful for the new “drink timer” in Rock Band 4.”

Spike ZelenkaI organized a toy drive for the Dads Group i’m in, and we’re giving children’s clothing, and grooming supplies to a local women and children’s shelter. I’m thankful that I have a warm home for my family, food in the pantry, and clothing on our backs. There are a lot of people out there right in our own community who have a lot less.”

Tim Blake Every day above ground is a good day (no insult to miners/ spelunkers intended)

Nick Edwards I’m thankful for Fallout 4

Scott Posey It sounds super corny, but I’m thankful for my family. We’re in good health, my son is growing up healthy with no issues, and life is good. Oh, and Fallout 4.

Gil Noriega I was thinking about this at work just yesterday as I saw single parents, parents with kids that have disabilities, and parents that are just kids themselves. It’s a struggle man, and while my life isn’t the easiest, it sure could be a lot harder. So I’m thankful for having a healthy family, a roof over my head, and for having the opportunities that this country has given me. Annnnnd Fallout 4.


We at Mega Dads are very thankful for you. The readers, listeners and viewers who take time out of your busy days to spend a few minutes with us two idiots. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

As a special Thanksgiving bonus, Adam created a cool coloring sheet for your kids (or you) to print out and color! If you do one we’d love to see it. Take a photo and send it to us at and we’ll share them in a future post!


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