Mega Dads 2015 Holiday Gift Guide


The holidays are here and if you’re anything like myself, I expect many of you still have plenty of shopping still to do to try and find that super awesome gift for your loved ones. So we decided to do you a favor and share some our favorite picks for the best gifts to give every nerd on your list. We’ve got gifts for kids as well as adults who can’t stop acting like kids. Check out these great ideas and happy shopping!




Obviously the first item on our list is this super sexy Mega Dads t-shirt. Available in Men’s and Women’s styles, this shirt will tell every one how cool and hip you are. Get it now so you can tell people you were into Mega Dads before it took the nation by storm.

Available at Red Bubble

harddriveHard Drive

Gamers who have owned an Xbox One or Playstation 4 for awhile probably know by now that the 500GB included just isn’t enough. Thankfully both systems allow you to upgrade with more much needed memory. A must have for gamers with growing libraries. Of games….. not books.

Available at Stores Everywhere

ipts_zelda_boxer_briefsLegend of Zelda Boxer Briefs

Become the Hero of Underpants with a 3 pack of awesome Zelda boxer briefs. The entire kingdom of Hyrule can be plastered on your buttcheeks with this perfect gift for fans of Zelda AND having a house for their boys. Just watch the skid marks.

Available at Think Geek

psnPSN/Xbox Live/eShop Gift Cards

Don’t waste your time trying to remember which game they said they wanted. Get them a gift card redeemable on the online store instead. That way they can choose from the full catalog of available games and movies. Now you just have to remember which console they own.

Available at Stores Everywhere

splatoon-plush-orange-splatoon-squid-cushion-423747.1Splatoon Squid Cusion

Splatoon is awesome. Having a comfortable rear end is awesome. Now you can combine your love of both with this great Splatoon cusion! Perfect for long gaming sessions and available in an assortment of colors depending on your tushy preference.

Available at Play Asia


mrplimpMr. Plimp Versus & Arlo’s Big Words

I’m sure by now most of you have picked up Mega Dads Adam’s two radical children’s books. But for the few of you who haven’t yet you can grab them in either Standard or Deluxe editions. Perfect for your young readers.

Available at Blurb

th_WiiU_SuperMarioMaker_bundle_01Super Mario Maker

For all 7 of you that own a Wii U, Super Mario Maker is a great game for the kiddies. You can design your own levels from scratch or download one of the thousands of user created levels online. And it’s perfect for gamers of any age as you can make your levels as difficult or easy as you’d like.

Available at Stores Everywhere


The Oculus and PlayStation VR may not be available yet, but your kids can get a virtual reality experience with the all new View Master. Experience packs let you explore Space, Wildlife & Destinations around the globe. Just make sure to lay down some tarps for all the vomiting.

Available at Stores Everywhere

yodaStar Wars Legendary Jedi Master Yoda

The most realistic Yoda toy ever features over 100 phrases and moves and reacts to your actions. The box says it features a Dark Side sensor that can “illuminate any evil urges you may possess.” So be careful who you use it around or you may have to explain why your creepy uncle isn’t invited to holidays anymore.

Available at Stores Everywhere

23937313Yo Kai Watch

Developed by Level 5 (Ni No Kuni, Professor Layton) Yo Kai Watch is set to take America by storm. Already a huge hit in Japan with multiple sequels, this series has already been introduced through the Disney X D series currently airing. Part Pokémon, part Japanese folklore, your kids will be hooked and will be saying words you don’t understand before you know it.

Available at Stores Everywhere

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