It Was a Very Good Year

adam_headAs 2015 winds down I sit here reflecting on the year and all that it brought. I think when New Years rolls around everyone has that moment of assessing the year that came before and pledging to make the next year even better. They reflect on the lessons learned and make some resolutions all in an effort to top the year that has passed. But personally I don’t know if anything can top the amazing year that I had.

2015 brought so many huge events not only for Mega Dads, but for me personally. This year saw the completion of a difficult journey for me as I graduated college with a degree in design. Going back to school was a difficult choice that I struggled with for far too long, and this year that choice to go back to school paid off as I graduated with honors. It was an amazing and rewarding experience that I will never forget. Going back to school not only gained me a career in the arts, but going to school gained me some good friends and mentors as well.


2015 also saw milestones for me as an artist as well. This Summer I finished and published my second children’s book Mr. Plimp Versus, my online Redbubble shop has reached almost 100 sales, I took on several freelance illustration and design jobs including logo design, more children’s illustration work, I’m designing the program for the upcoming 2D Con that the Mega Dads will be attending next year, and I even had one of my illustrations featured on a European Biotech website. Yep. That happened.

But probably my biggest achievement as an artist was to be a guest creator at the Midwest Comic Book Association’s Fall Con! It was such a surreal and outstanding thrill to have our own Mega Dads booth there where I could sketch, talk about Mega Dads to show-goers, take in the groovy cosplay and enjoy it all with my brother and partner-in-crime John. We had such an amazing time and hope to attend again in the Spring.


Speaking of Mega Dads achievements, John and I are blown away by how much our little project has grown this year. Our community has exploded with support from our fans who we surely would have given up long ago without your encouragement. Every week we are humbled by the engagement and feedback we get from you.

In 2015 we did our best to bring you more Mega Dads 2D adventures, a higher quality podcast in Mega Dads Live, and better website features like our Gamer Spotlight which has seen mega star contributions from celebrities like Chris Kluwe, Ryan McCaffrey and Sam Barlow. We hope you have enjoyed the content we produced this year and we promise to raise the bar even higher for 2016.

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 7.02.24 PM

For 2016 we’re going to roll out a couple of new features for the website, launch some great member-supported campaigns for Mega Dads, attend more events like 2D Con (can you tell we’re excited about 2D Con?) and we’re even going to be recording more guest spots on shows like Nintendo Dads. We’ve got an exciting year ahead of us here at Mega Dads. We hope you’ll stick with us as we launch another year of bigger and better content.

So thank you for a great 2015. We’ll keep working hard to earn your patronage. Have a fantastic New Years!


This is it! The final Mega Dads speed painting. I had a lot of fun whipping one of these up for each of my blog posts but it’s time to bring this project to a close. My final speed painting isn’t actually a game character at all. I present to you BB8! Because Star Wars.

Thank you everyone for your requests and support. I hope you enjoyed the ride.


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