Mega Dads on Patreon


We’re proud to announce Mega Dads on Patreon! With this new crowd funding effort we hope to be able to expand the content that we produce here at Mega Dads with the help of our fans.

By joining Patreon we can set goals for the Mega Dads brand that we otherwise would not be able to meet. With support from people like you we will be able to invest in the Mega Dads brand and create new and better features for all of our fans to enjoy.

Stretch goals for this campaign include a full-length Mega Dads illustrated adventure, bi-weekly video podcasts and monthly prize give aways via Mega Dads Live.

In addition to the stretch goals, we have gifts for all levels of investment from our patrons. You can pledge as little as one dollar a month and help us to grow Mega Dads into a bigger and better entertainment website.

Please follow this LINK and read about the exciting things we have in store for Mega Dads. We can’t do it without your help. Please consider pledging today!

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