adam_headThis week has been a lesson in science at the Leonhardt house. I’ve come to learn that in a world where my toddler son sucks on, and wipes his nose with everything from my pillow to my iPhone, it was only a matter of time before something like this would happen. This week my entire house came down with strep, and it sucks SO HARD.

Getting a seasonal cold or the flu is something that we deal with very often here in frigid Minnesota, and keeping that contained is a real chore. But now that I have a family, when one of us gets sick it’s pretty much a ticking time bomb for the rest of us. Elliott fell under the weather first and the dominoes fell swiftly in line afterwards. Before long we were all coughing, medicating and power-napping as a family unit.

What really hits hard about the entire house being taken down is that when both parents are suffering, it really makes it difficult to care for the child. Our poor little guy just cries and fusses from his sore ears and throat and as much as I want to be Dr. Dad, I can barely breathe much less retain consciousness.


In addition to all the misery of being sick, I also have to restructure my life accordingly. Work is at its busiest which means no sick days unless I want to pay for it later. I’m in the middle of restructuring my office, complete with building a new desk. And of course, my voice sounds like a mix of Barry White and Darth Vader just in time for our guest spot on the Nintendo Dads podcast. If you guys give that a listen you’re in for a real treat.

Being sick is inconvenient and crappy, but when it takes your whole family down it’s just misery. Hopefully we’ll all take the road to recovery together just as we all succumbed to strep. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go down a handful of pills and jump in my jammies.

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