Mega Dads 2nd Anniversary Celebration

March is here and we’re going to be celebrating our 2nd anniversary all month long! We’ve got several fun things planned as a way to say thanks to everyone who has supported us for last 24 months. A few of those things we will highlight here today and we’ll unveil more as the month goes on.


  • Patreon Supporter Giveaway!

lakituOur most exciting event for March is a great big thank you to all of our Patreon supporters. For the ENTIRE MONTH OF MARCH if you currently are or become a Mega Dads Patron (for ANY amount), you will receive a free B&W art commission from Adam! That means that he will create a digital black and white illustration of anything you want. Anything!! As an extra bonus, if you refer a friend to become a Mega Dads Patron you will receive a FULL COLOR illustration of anything you’d like. Favorite superhero, game character, yourself, your pet fish, ANYTHING! Visit our Patreon page right HERE to pledge your support.

  • Double Gamer Spotlights!

One of our most popular features by far has been our Gamer Spotlight in which we get to know an amazing gaming parent and get them to answer a few questions about their love of games and parenting. So this month we’ll be giving you not one, but TWO Gamer Spotlights to enjoy! That’s like….. TWICE as many!

  • Game Giveaways!

Throughout the month of March we are going to be giving away FREE GAMES to those of you who follow us on Twitter! You never know when it’ll happen so follow us @megadadsblog and keep a sharp eye out for when we’ll be giving away some free gaming goodness!

We’ll have more fun stuff to announce as the month goes on so make sure to follow us on both Facebook and Twitter to make sure you don’t miss out on anything. And thank you to everyone for sticking with us on this wacky ride! Love ya!


-John & Adam

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