Welcome to Superhero High!

imageMy 8 year old daughter has never really cared much about the gender roles that society places on what young boys and girls should be interested in. I think she has some pretty well rounded interests in that regard. She enjoys painting her nails and dressing up as well as digging in the yard for rocks and studying constellations. She likes to play with her American Girl and My Little Pony toys but also likes to do battle with her Star Wars and superhero toys. But while some of these action oriented toy lines feature a few female characters, they are marketed almost exclusively at boys.

Warner Bros./DC is looking to change that with their new DC Superhero Girls line which is aimed specifically  at (you guessed it) girls! Currently available exclusively at Target stores, this new line of merchandise features action figures, dolls, clothing, books and more. The series re-imagines classic DC characters such as Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Supergirl and Bumblebee and others as teenagers attending Super Hero High. Not unlike popular shows like Monster High and Ever After High, DC Superhero Girls follows the students as they navigate the drama of high school but with a cool super-powered spin on things.


I had read a story about the upcoming series last year but had forgotten about it until I was grocery shopping last week and came across the display. On a whim I decided to pick up a pair of the action figures (one for each daughter) because the girls had been pretty well behaved lately. Not knowing which characters they would like I went the safe route and grabbed Supergirl and Batgirl. When I got home I assumed that they’d get a kick out of them but I wasn’t prepared for just how excited they would be.

After they tore the packages open and decided who was going to be which girl they started playing. Shortly into it I was bombarded with questions as they really didn’t know very much about these characters.

“What powers does she have?”

“What are their real names?”

“Is she Superman’s sister?”

“Does she know how to fly?”

I quickly realized that I’d better try and get some answers for them so I went to the official website where we found a wealth of content including character bios, games and a 13 episode animated short series which the girls binge watched that same night. After they had the story behind this new series they continued playing until bedtime… and then slept with the dolls… and then played with them in the morning….I’m not entirely sure if they’ve let go of these toys since the moment they opened them.

DC Superhero Girls has much more planned including graphic novels and an hour long TV special which will air on the Boomerang network on March 19th. And if the reports of the toys selling out at Target stores is any indication, DC has a huge hit on their hands and we can expect much more in the future. I praise DC for taking this initiative, especially after the grief that Disney has gotten recently due to the lack of female toys in their Avengers and Star Wars lines.

It’s encouraging to see toys for girls evolving in such positive ways. From the Project Mc2 line that encourages girls to get involved in science or the new Barbie body types, these are positive steps that tell young girls that their dolls can do others things besides shopping and combing their pets hair (not that there’s anything wrong with that!). DC Superhero Girls is the biggest step yet I believe and I will be very happy to support them by filling my house with all of the shields, slingshots and costumes that are available.

If you’d like to find out more about the series, visit the DC Superhero Girls website!

*This was not a paid or sponsored port, I just think they’re really cool!

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