Game of the Month: Quantum Break


Quantum Break     April 5th     Xbox One/PC

Quantum Break was first announced during the Xbox One reveal event way back in May of 2013. Since that time it has been consistently one of the most anticipated games for the console (you chose it as your #1 game of 2016!) and has also been the source of much speculation in regards to how many of the game’s elements would come together in the final product. When it was first revealed, the Xbox One was being pitched as a multimedia device that would merge video games and television into some sort of entertainment amalgamation, and Quantum Break would take advantage of that using a live-action series that would be a crucial part of the game. Microsoft has now scaled back those gaming/TV plans, but Quantum Break still looks to take advantage of that original vision.

qb2Quantum Break is a third person action adventure game from Remedy Entertainment (Max Payne, Alan Wake). An accident involving a failed time travel experiment has created a fracture in time itself which threatens the entire world. Due to the accident, Jack Joyce has been granted the power to manipulate time which he uses to battle his former best friend Paul Serene and his organization  Monarch Solutions, who have their own plans for harnessing this power. Sounds cool, right?

The gameplay will at first be familiar to those who have played previous Remedy games, third person running and gunning is the order of the day. But the unique twist comes from Jack’s time twisting powers which give him a variety of abilities. Time Rush, for example allows you to slow time enabling you to flank enemies or get up close to perform melee takedowns while Time Blast serves as a sort of “time grenade”. Players will also need to use their new abilities to navigate the environment, freezing and rewinding time in order to pass through dangerous areas safely. The powers in the game do a great job of adding a layer of strategy to what otherwise might be a pretty straightforward shooter.

One of the most interesting elements of the game though is definitely the previously mentioned live action show. Shawn Ashmore (X-Men), Aidan Gillen (Game of Thrones) and  Lance Reddick (The Wire) lead an all star cast in these episodes which you view in between the gameplay chapters. These half hour episodes not only give you a look at the events of the game from the perspective of the villians, but they also vary depending on the choices that you make throughout the game. The decisions you make will unlock alternate scenes in each episode creating a unique experience that could differ greatly from the one that your friends see. With a great cast and impressive production value, hopefully this portion of the game will be just as fun to watch as the rest of the game is to play.

Remedy has an impressive track record and their games tend to turn out pretty great, from what we’ve seen so far of Quantum Break it looks to keep that winning streak going. The gameplay and graphics both look solid, and if the story turns out to be as compelling as we hope, this could end up as one of the must play games of the year.



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