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The end of an era arrives this month with the release of Naughty Dog’s final chapter in the Uncharted series, “A Thief’s End“. Spanning nine years, two consoles and four installments, the Uncharted series has been the pinnacle of cinematic adventure gaming since Nathan Drake first arrived on the PS3 in 2007. We’ve jumped, tumbled, brawled and blasted our way through unbelievable action set pieces with the treasure hunter over the years, but now is the time to bid Drake and his posse of thrill-seekers farewell in this epic final game that is exclusive to the PlayStation 4.

The game picks up several years after the events of Uncharted 3 as Nathan Drake has left his globe-trotting ways behind in him in favor of a safe and normal life with his wife Elena. But as usual, trouble follows Drake around every corner and it’s not long before he is thrust back into the world of treasures and thieves. When Nathan’s long-lost brother Sam comes back into his life, he opens the door for adventure and danger as he offer Nathan the chance to unearth the greatest pirate treasure the world has ever known. But these riches will come with a heavy price.

Uncharted 4 looks to delve even deeper into the already rich characters the series is known for as this entry is brought to us by Neil Druckmann, who last brought us the dramatically gripping ‘The Last of Us’. It will be interesting to see how much that masterpiece influences this final adventure. From the trailers Naughty Dog has released we know that there is a very deep emotional through-line which sees the two sides of Drakes life, and the two people he cares for most pulling him in very separate directions.

Will Drake be able to unearth one final treasure without losing everything he holds dear in the process? It’s finally time to take our last steps in the shoes of Nathan Drake as Naughty Dog and Sony present Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

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Uncharted 4


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