2D Con 2016

This past weekend, we were honored to be guests at the 2nd annual 2D Con in Bloomington, MN. 2D Con is a celebration of the gaming community and featured 3 days of everything a geek could ever hope for. There were developers, tournaments, vendors, VR stations, panels, and lots and lots of games! Andrew Reiner and Chris Kluwe gave a fantastic keynote speech on Saturday morning and that evening attendees were treated a double header concert from Do A Barrel Roll and I Fight Dragons.

Other highlights included getting hands on with upcoming game Verdant Skies, a Harvest Moon style game with a sci-fi twist. Meeting Kyle Hilliard from Game Informer (who was featured in our Gamer Spotlight last year) and getting a look at Lifebar, an awesome application that lets you track all of the games you’ve played as well as those of friends and personalities.

We want to thank all of the folks who stopped by the table to talk with us for awhile, getting to meet so many great members of the gaming community was most definitely the highlight of the weekend. And special thanks to everybody at This Is Geek for putting on such a great show and inviting a couple of old farts to hang out too!

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