Game of the Month: No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky     August 9th     PS4/PC

It’s safe to say that few games have been more highly anticipated over the last several years than the upcoming No Man’s Sky from Hello Games. Since first being unveiled at the 2013 VGX Awards, the game has been the focus of much speculation and incredible amounts of hype. But can a game possibly live up to such lofty expectations? And what exactly is the game all about? As the release gets closer, things are coming a little bit more into focus.

nomans5At it’s core, No Man’s Sky is an adventure game that has you exploring an almost unimaginably large universe on a quest to make your way to the very center of it. Players make their way from planet to planet, discovering unique lifeforms and resources that you can then upload to The Atlas which chronicles all of your discoveries and earns you credits for them. You are also equipped with a multi-purpose tool that allows you to scan and collect resources as well as engage in combat with any hostile (or non-hostile) lifeforms. What makes the game so interesting is the way in which it allows you to play the game in whichever style you choose, from being a pacifist explorer trying not to disturb the planet to a ruthless conqueror destroying whatever gets in their way.

Your ability to explore the universe is dependent on both upgrading your ship with new technology to travel farther as well as your suit to sustain the sometimes hostile environments. You can obtain these upgrades in several different ways including trading resources at outposts that are found in each star system or attacking other ships you come across to steal  what they have (making you essentially a space pirate!). But be careful about how you interact with other fleets you come across as other members of that faction will react accordingly when you meet them elsewhere. You also need to be careful with how much you plunder a planet’s resources as robotic sentries will come after you if you get too greedy.

Everything in the universe from the plants and creatures to the very planets themselves are procedurally generated and the game is said to contain 18 quintillion (is that a real number?) planets. It’s an amazing technological achievement and I’m anxious to see how varied the creations can be. And it’s all one universe shared with every player, but the odds of crossing paths with another explorer is incredibly small due to the enormous size. You are able to use the discoveries of other players to plot your course through the universe though, as all of the discoveries are stored in a shared database. You also have the ability to name your discoveries so when someone else comes across it they’ll see whatever super inappropriate name you came up with.

It’s an incredibly ambitious game that the developers say contains 100’s of hours of exploration. It all looks fantastic so far and from what we can tell the developers have put a lot of love into this project so we’re very optimistic that it’ll be able to meet it’s sky high expectations.


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  1. Man, the more I read up on this, the more excited I get for it! That 18 quintillion number is just so mind-boggling. Great post!

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    1. Hey Tyler, thanks for the feedback! Publishing on other sites isn’t something we’ve discussed before but we’ll give it some thought.

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