Tiny Carts, Big Babies

It’s no big secret that we live in an age of complaining. People seem to disagree with everything they see or hear in the public space. It’s just the way things are these days. But this morning I woke up to a news story which by all means may seem pretty small, but it really just made me sad and upset. 

This morning I read that Target stores have decided to remove child-sized shopping carts from their stores in response to customer complaints that kids were crashing them and getting in the way of shoppers. In a turn of events that no one could possibly foresee it seems that young children are loud and still developing their motor skills. Shocking, right? Now full disclosure here: my son LOVES these shopping carts, so I don’t pretend I’m coming in to this without a bias. But I’m not a real journalist either, so f*ck journalistic integrity. This story just irritates me so much I had to vent.

I guess what bothers me the most about this is just the fact that Target chose to appease the people who have nothing better to do than complain. I know, I know, I’m complaining about this so I’m being a hypocrite, right? But I just can’t fathom wanting to take something away from small children that is empowering them and teaching them to be helpful to their parents in a fun way just because it might slow you down for a moment. I mean, Target’s a big store so unless you’re tailgating this four year old through the entire store it’s not gonna bother you for more than a handful of seconds. If a kid is bothering you in the cereal aisle just be a grown-up and walk to dairy. 

I understand that Target is worried about its bottom line, but maybe we should be more worried about the precedent we’re setting here. As a parent I don’t cave in to my son and give him whatever he wants just because he complains enough. I show him by example that he needs to just accept the way things are. The world is not going to end just because you don’t like something. You can’t get what you want just by crying… Unless you’re a soccer-mom with a Twitter account and a shitty attitude.

So in closing, I’m not gonna boycot Target, it’s not worth it, I really enjoy shopping there and I’m not that kind of a person. I just want them to know that I’m disappointed in them, my son will enjoy shopping less, and to the people that set this in motion: shame on you. You may have cleared the aisles so you have more room to drink your lattes and tweet your selfies, but you’ve made a lot of families sad today. So, yeah. You suck.

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