Show Us Your Sticker, Win Games!

So now that Extra Life 2016 is over we’ve got a whole bunch of leftover game codes. What do we do with them all? Well, after much consideration we decided we’ll just give me away. But how do we go about doing that? Who do we give them to?

Here’s what we’re going to do….

Here at Mega Dads, we love a good sticker. Scratch & sniff stickers, puffy stickers, even little red round stickers that you might get for doing something special. We dig em all. So we’re going to give away 3 bundles of games to our fellow sticker enthusiasts. We’ll do one for PC, one for Xbox One, and one for PS4. All you have to do is send a picture of you wearing a sticker on your person to either our Facebook page ( 0r on Twitter (@megadadsblog) and tell us which bundle you’d like to be entered to win!

But when do we hold such an event you might ask? Well…. I guess we’ll just do it tomorrow, Tuesday November 8th. I don’t think there’s much going on tomorrow so that seems like a pretty good day to do it. So just send us a picture of you wearing whichever sticker you happen to come across in your travels and we’ll randomly choose one person for each game bundle! Pretty sweet deal, right? Well, we Mega Dads think think wearing a sticker isn’t just your right, but your civic responsibility as well.

Winners will be chosen at random later in the week after we’ve sobered up after having to drink ourselves into a stupor from all the stress of having to wear stickers.



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