My Family Trip to the Moogle Chocobo Carnival

johnfaceFinal Fantasy XV is a fantastic open world RPG that manages to steer the series in some interesting new directions while also paying homage to its rich history (the series turns 30 this year). It’s one of the best Final Fantasy games in years and managed to make it onto our list of top games of 2016, but for as great of a time as I’ve been having with the game, it’s an experience I’ve mostly been enjoying by myself. Sure, my wife and kids have enjoyed watching to some extent, but they haven’t been super invested in what’s going for the most part. That all changed though when the carnival rolled into town.

The Moogle Chocobo Carnival is a limited time event taking place in the game from now until February 20th. It’s a celebration of the two most recognizable icons from the series and is jam-packed full of games to play and new items to collect from a Chocobo themed outfit for Noctis to a limited edition Carnival decal for your car, the Regalia. The best thing about the Carnival though is that it’s a fantastic place to let your kids jump into the game and have loads of fun!


From the moment that my girls saw this whimsical amusement park, they were begging to grab the controller for themselves, and being the awesome dad that I was, I was more than happy to let them run around and have fun. The carnival provides not only a non-threatening place for the kids to play, but it also serves as a fun introduction to the world of Final Fantasy that I’ve been in love with for decades. They passed the controller around and took turns exploring every inch of the grounds and collecting medallions that you can trade in for all sorts of rewards.

moogle3The activities are varied and many are available at different difficulty levels for gamers of all ages. There are simple rhythm based games that have you dancing alongside the costumed mascots, combat arenas to whack at Cactaurs as many times as you can within the time limit, shooting ranges, Chocobo races, and scavenger hunts that will have you searching the carnival for lost baby Chocobos and stuffed Moogles.

There are also some more laid back activites to enjoy such as taking a gondola ride around the carnival to take in all of the sights, a fishing competition to win some special gear for anglers, and you can also stop by the cafe to try out their assortment of Chocobo and Moogle themed desserts (and of course learn the recipe for Ignis to try out later). There are so many things for you to do that it should keep you busy for several hours. After you’ve filled your pockets with medallions , you can cash them in for a voucher to stay at the lush hotel and get an amazing view of the epic fireworks show that caps off the evening.

It might not feature an amazing story or reward you with a powerful weapon at the end, but the Moogle Chocobo Carnival provides a nice distraction from the main quest and there’s plenty to do for gamers of all ages. My kids, wife, and myself all had loads of fun finding everything it has to offer. I’d love to see Square Enix try out some more limited time events in the future, it would keep me coming back to a great game that i’ve already invested dozens of hours into.



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