The Bachelor: Mega Dads Edition – Rose Ceremony Week 1


The limousines slowly inched their way up the driveway towards the iconic Bachelor Mansion. One by one they stepped out of their vehicles and made their way up the steps to the house. 32 of the most iconic names in all of gaming had gathered here at this southern California paradise for one purpose, to get sloppy drunk and go skinny dipping in the pool.

Oh yeah, and to find true love.

In the tradition of The Bachelor seasons past, several individuals felt the need to try to upstage the others and make a memorable, dramatic entrance. Faith made a splash by wall running her way around the exterior of the house, Joule arrived riding on the back of her corebot Duncan, and Ignis made his eye-catching entrance by driving the Regalia up to the front door. Everybody was eager to impress and leave a lasting impression with the others.

As the night continued, everybody began to settle in and socialize with one another (and drink a ton of wine). The big stars were all there, from Lara Croft to Nathan Drake, but several lesser known characters like KOS MOS and Dirk the Daring made an appearance and were intent on not becoming lost in the crowd.

Unfortunately, the tension in the house began to rise just as quickly as everybody’s blood alchohol level. Dr. Wily reprogrammed one of Joule’s corebots and tried to assassinate Tom Nook. Zangief and Chun Li got into a knock down, drag out fight, trashing the kitchen and completely ruining Ignis’s Wild Mushroom Risotto. And Cranky Kong ended up throwing a turd at Solid Snake because……. well… he’s a monkey.

At the end of the night the rose ceremony was held and 6 people ended up packing their bags and saying goodbye before their journey’s had hardly begun. It was the end of the road for Wily, Cranky, Ignis, Tifa, KOS MOS and Ms PAC MAN. It was a wild and rowdy start to the competition, and things would only heat up from here.

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