The Bachelor: Mega Dads Edition – Rose Ceremony Week 2


During the second week at Bachelor Mansion, things started off well enough. During the afternoons everybody would lounge by the side of the swimming pool, sip champagne, and suck face with whoever happened to be sitting next to them. But once the sun went down the claws would inevitably come out. Kratos sat in the corner moping all evening about his dead family, Joule kept getting into arguments after having to repeatedly explain to people who she was, and Tom Nook never came back after going for a late night stroll around the grounds with Agent 47.

After 2 weeks of competition we are halfway to finding out who the contestants will be in the finale. Faith, Bayonetta and Joule went home from the ladies bracket, and Nathan Drake, Agent 47 and Tom Nook were…… eliminated from the men’s bracket. That means that the first 4 eligible singles in the finale will be Earthworm Jim, Duke Nukem, Samus Aran and Birdo. Make sure to follow us on Twitter and cast your votes for the remaining four contestants every Monday and Wednesday!

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