The Bachelor: Mega Dads Edition – Rose Ceremony Week 3



During the 3rd week of the competition the remaining bachelors and bachelorettes had the opportunity to go on their very first group date. They all piled into a few stretch limos and drove down to beach for a relaxing afternoon of sun, surf and Sangria. The ladies immediately headed to the bar while the guys got together and impromptu game of Volleyball.

At the bar, the women sipped their cocktails and discussed the remaining men. Dante and Duke Nukem were the two that garnered the most attention, but Earthworm Jim was quickly gaining a reputation as an underdog ladies man. In fact, the rumor was that when nobody was looking he and Chun Li had snuck off for a little rendezvous. One thing that is definitely true is that Toadette can drink everybody else under the table, but 10 shots of Jaeger can take down the best of us, and before the end of the night she was projectile vomiting all over Chris Harrison.

Over at the volleyball net things were fun and casual until Slippy went for the ball that Kratos had called for. Not being known for his self control, Kratos preceded to tear Slippy’s head from his body, spine and all. Needless to say, that put a damper on the rest of the game and the guys decided to call it a night.

At the rose ceremony at the end of the night Ada, Chun Li and the vomit covered Toadette missed out on a rose and Solid Snake and Kratos were sent packing. And being that he no longer had a head, Slippy’s quest for love also came to an abrupt ending.

Stay tuned for the final round of the preliminaries this coming week and then the finale the week afterwards. Follow us on Twitter at @megadadsblog to take part in all the action!



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