Share Your Patreon Perks With A Buddy in May!

If you’re a Mega Dads Patron, listen up! We wanted to tell you about a fun bonus we have for May! Mega Dads Buddy Month let’s you gift a free month of MD Patreon to a friend. Just select a friend (make sure you get permission) and send us their email address either to our official email ( or in a private tweet (@megadadsblog).
We will send them the digital rewards bundle for May, they will get to vote on June’s Last Word segment, access to the Producer Club chat room AND we will select one lucky buddy to do our June Producer Pop In! This is a great opportunity to let your friends know about how cool being a MD Producer is and let them be a part of our Producer community!
Please make sure to nominate your buddy by the end of the month so that they get their digital rewards bundle! This month’s art card will be Judd from Splatoon! Thanks as always for your support!

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