The Mega Dads Head To E3 2017

When we started Mega Dads 3 years ago we joked about how we wondered if anybody would give a crap about a couple of old farts blogging about video games. Fast forward to today and it turns out that not only do some people enjoy listening to us ramble incoherently about dirty diapers and Mario Kart, but we’re actually getting ready to fly to Los Angeles to attend the E3 Expo for that silly little blog. The universe is weird.

Due to some incredible kindness, and the support of an amazing group of fans, we’ve been given this chance to cover the show and bring our own unique (stupid) brand of gaming coverage to the masses. I don’t know if we’ll ever be able to express how grateful we are for having this chance, and we’re still trying to wrap our heads around the fact that it’s happening, but we do promise to work our butts off to try and entertain you while we’re there. We’ve got multiple things planned for over the course of that week and we’d love it if you checked them out.

  • Mega Dads Live: E3 2017 Special – We’ve got not one, not two, but three bonus episodes of Mega Dads Live for you the week of E3! Mark your calendars for Mon. June 12th. Wed. June 14th, and Fri. June 16th for three episodes jam packed with impressions from the press conferences, hands on with the biggest games, and the two of us complaining about the joys of flying with small kids!
  • Mega Dads: The Road To E3 – Family vacations are usually enough of a clusterf***, but add to that the extra pressure of trying to cover E3 and create entertaining content for the site and you have a recipe for hilarity. We’ll be recording the entire adventure and posting the entire, bat shit crazy video when we get back.
  • LIVE from E3 – We’re going to be live streaming throughout the entire convention and sharing our up to the minute thoughts on everything we see, hear , and smell. Make sure you follow us on Twitter and Facebook so that you don’t miss a second of the live coverage!
  • The Best (and worst) of E3 2017 – After the show is finished, we’ll be writing up our impressions of everything we saw. What are the best games we played, and which ones left us disappointed. We’ll be picking our Game of Show and you can read all about it in the days following the convention.
  • Patreon Exclusive Giveaway – One lucky Mega Dads patron will be chosen at random to receive a surprise package, sent to their front door, filled with loads of free goodies and giveaways that we’ve collected throughout the show! All Patrons are eligible, just make sure to sign up at before the start of the show if you haven’t already!
  • Much, much, more – There’s plenty more that we have to share with you about or E3 adventure, but you’ll just have to stay tuned to find out more as it happens.

Again, we are incredibly humbled to be given this opportunity to experience this bucket list event and we have all of our readers, listeners, viewers, and patrons to thank for it. We hope you’ll tune in and experience the show alongside of us.

See you in Los Angeles!

-John & Adam


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