Dear SyFy – My Boycott of a Basic Cable Channel

The following is an email I sent to SyFy channel this morning. I hope you read it and consider joining me in boycotting this channel for the actions they’ve taken.

Dear SyFy,

I am writing this as a disappointed consumer. Yesterday on my twitter feed I began seeing ads for your show Blood Drive showing graphic and disturbing imagery, which I can handle as an adult (I’ve seen plenty of horror movies). I found it odd that such graphic material could be on my feed without solicitation but I just scrolled by and didn’t think much of it until after about the fourth ad came by throughout the day and it was depicting a couple preparing to put their newborn baby in the garbage disposal to harvest its blood. This is where the line wasn’t just crossed, it was hurdled by a mile. Not only is that disgusting as a viewer of any demographic, but my wife is pregnant and to see this appear out of the blue frankly makes me want to puke. I’m not sure who in their right mind would be entertained by that, but ultimately my issue is that this was put on my feed without any permission from me. I don’t follow SyFy, I certainly don’t follow Blood Drive, and I was appalled.

I blocked the ad from twitter and tweeted that I was offended by it and I was quite upset. I was prepared to call it a day and forget this happened but I guess that wasn’t possible as the official Blood Drive twitter, an actress from the show Marama Corlett, and the show’s writer himself Daniel Zucker retweeted me in mockery of my being offended. Needless to say I went from being offended to now being pissed. It’s one thing to force people to unwittingly see scenes of murder and butchery without warning, it’s another to mock them when they protest it.

Needless to say I will not be turning SyFy on my tv from this point on. If that’s the kind of culture your channel promotes then you can consider me, my family, my friends and any followers that I or my website may have to be loyal boycotters of SyFy. I don’t need that in my life. I hope someone reads this who will actually think about the ramifications of your company’s actions before turning to mockery or slight. I don’t write this lightly, but as I sit here this morning next to my 3 year old son as my pregnant wife sleeps in the next room I felt like someone had to be the voice of reason, respect and good taste.
-Adam Leonhardt


  1. Honest question here: if you were offended by the first few ads, why did you keep watching them? I understand you may be upset for seeing ads you’re not interested in, but no one forces you to actually click on them…

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