Living The Dream: Our Trip to E3

As I write this, Adam and I are cruising at about 10,000 feet above the Rockie Mountains on our way to Los Angeles, California to attend our first ever E3 convention. As I type that I can’t help but shake my head at the absurdity of the fact that we’re actually doing this. When we started Mega Dads 3 years ago we didn’t know if anybody outside of a few family and friends would be interested in what we had to say, and while it turns out that in fact our family DOESN’T give a crap (kidding!….I think) we have surprisingly been able to find an audience for our unique brand of bullshit.

When we were first approached several months ago with the offer to attend E3, we could hardly believe it was legit. After all, we’re just two old farts that record podcasts in our basement and write about being nerds and dads. But it was very much real, and the last few months have been a whirlwind as we piece together not just how we would get ourselves to California, but what the heck we would do at the convention when we got there.

Attending E3 has been something that the two of us have fantasized about for over 20 years. From back in the 90’s when we would eagerly await the latest issue of EGM or Gamefan to see what was unveiled, to recent years when we would huddle in front of the television and watch the press conferences live, E3 has been a huge event for us for half of our lives. Actually going to the event is about more than just seeing the trailers for the latest games or watching the press conferences (we could do that from home), it’s about witnessing first hand a celebration of the industry and hobby that we love and experiencing the kind of spectacle that you can only get from being there.

I know there’s a lot of cynicism that comes from the gaming press about E3, I hear the comments about how it’s a big mess, or it’s not relevant, and that people shouldn’t go, but man I don’t care. I understand that for those that have been attending for 20 years it might have lost the wonder and excitement that it once had, but as I’m sitting here eating my $4 bag of Cheez Its as I fly over the Grand Canyon I can’t help but be filled with a childlike excitement that I haven’t felt in a long time. And that’s precious, those moments don’t come around all that often.

The other thing that going to E3 gives me is a bit of a sense of validation. That’s not something that I necessarily need, and I try not to obsess too much about thing like view counts and iTunes reviews, after all I think I speak for the both of us when I say that Adam and I do Mega Dads first and foremost for our love of gaming, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get joy out of the feeling that getting this opportunity means that we’re doing something right. The feeling that what we do at Mega Dads is important. I recently wrote the person at the ESA who gave us this opportunity to thank him again for getting us into the show, and he wrote back with the words “You guys work hard and deserve this”. And that felt really damn good. We do work our butts off to try and create something that people will not only find entertaining, but be able to connect with, and to get that sort of feedback that our hard work is recognized and appreciated is priceless.

As we begin our decent into Los Angeles and return our trays into their upright positions, I just want to say thank you to not only those that have given us this opportunity, but all of you who have read, listened, and watched the stories, podcasts, and videos that we’ve made. I don’t know if we’ll ever get an opportunity to attend E3 again after this, so we’re going to cherish and enjoy the hell out of it. And I hope that you continue to get something out of what we do, and know just how much it means to us.

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