The Invincible Iron Man vs. … Bloggers?

img_6198Last weekend, Spider-Man: Homecoming was released in theaters and has been widely hailed as a great summer blockbuster and even one of the best Spider-Man films they’ve ever made. This is great news for moviegoers and should make everyone want to rush out to a theater near you and see this fantastic movie! Of course… it wouldn’t be 2017 unless the movie somehow managed to piss off somebody. You see, there’s a scene in the film (the scene has been described to me, I haven’t yet seen the movie myself) where Tony Stark makes a comment to Peter Parker that “Behind this door lies a room full of reporters, real ones, not bloggers.” Seems like a fairly mild joke that takes a light jab at bloggers but shouldn’t ruffle any feathers, right?

Hahaha. Yeah right.

Now I’m not one of those people who criticizes others for getting offended. I’m not going to start calling people “snowflakes” because they’re upset. People have every right to take offense to whatever they choose… but at the same time… c’mon. Bloggers around the internet are now up in arms with their weapon of choice (that would be hashtags) claiming that Marvel has insulted and disrespected them and that they’re owed an apology and blah blah blah. Just search for the hashtags #BehindThisDoor or #WhatTheFeige (in reference to Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige) and you’ll find a plethora of enraged bloggers who are just oh so angry about being so dismissed.

Spider-Man: Homecoming

In response to the comment itself let me say that first of all, Tony Stark is a condescending, self-centered jerk. He is constantly making glib, dismissive comments about everybody around him and you shouldn’t take his insults personally. Secondly I would say… HE’S A F#@%ING FICTIONAL CHARACTER!!! You shouldn’t take offense from anything that Bilbo Baggins or Winnie the Pooh says, so please stop getting your knickers in a twist over what freaking Iron Man says.

I’ve been writing about video games and parenting for over three years now. I love writing for Mega Dads probably more than any other aspect of what we do on this site. This blog has been a valuable creative and personal outlet for me to release what’s rattling around in my head. I also recognize though that just calling yourself a blogger doesn’t really mean anything, does it? The only criteria to becoming a blogger is owning a keyboard, there are no classes that you have to take or skills to master. That’s not to say that there aren’t many incredibly talented writers out there in the blogging community, but there are infinitely more bad ones (just try and count all of the grammatical errors in this story!).

A blogger shouldn’t automatically be placed in the same category as a journalist anymore than I should be in the same company as a James Beard Award winning chef because I can make a decent grilled cheese sandwich. They are not the same thing. Reporters have deadlines and editors and sources and degrees in journalism. Bloggers write about superheroes while in their underpants (or is that just how i do it?). Once again, please let me make this crystal clear: I know a lot of incredibly hard-working, professional bloggers whose writing would make any news organization proud, but just because they’re great writers doesn’t mean they’re the same as a journalists or reporters.

I get the impression that most bloggers that I know would agree with what I’m saying, but undoubtedly some people will probably get ticked off by this. I think we could all benefit though from being a little more picky about the things that we choose to get furious about. There are some incredibly serious and challenging problems facing the country right now and if we break out the pitchforks and create a sweet hashtag every time somebody (whether he’s an Avenger or not) says something that hurts our feelings, we’ll be in danger of drowning out the issues that truly demand our attention.

I’m really proud to call myself a blogger, I’m proud of (most of) the things that I write about here at Mega Dads. And I’m proud to be a part of this community full of amazing writers who are 10x more talented than I am. So let’s be proud of what we are, and try to worry a little bit less about who we are being compared to.


One thought on “The Invincible Iron Man vs. … Bloggers?

  1. Wow I can’t believe that comment bothered people? I’m sorry I know you said people are allowed to be offended but c’mon if it’s not offensive give me a break. Like you said he’s a fictional character and it’s a movie. And really bloggers are not journalists so it is what it is

    Everyone needs to complain about something no matter what. We can’t even have a spider man movie without some BS LOL

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