My Video Game Bucket List

img_6198This weekend I will be turning 40 years old. It actually physically pains me to type that, but I’m going to set aside the stresses of my life being roughly half over and the crushing weight of my own mortality to talk about something more uplifting… video games! Being a life long gamer I have a long list of things I would love to see or do that are gaming related. So as middle age comes crashing into me at full speed I thought I’d take the time to write down 10 things that I would still love to accomplish before arthritis prevents me from holding a controller and Alzheimer’s makes me forget the Konami code. So here is my Video Game Bucket List!

10. Attend a PAX convention

Now that I’ve been to E3, there aren’t many conventions to put on the list. TGS would be great but from what I hear it’s a shadow of its former self, and Gamescom sounds so massive its intimidating. By all accounts the PAX shows are fantastic events that really cater to the fans. There are several to choose from, so I think at some point the Mega Dads will definitely be making an appearance.

Neo-Geo-CDZ-wController-FL9. Complete My Collection of Every Gaming Console

I have a shelf in my office which I fondly call “The Retirement Home”. It houses every console I’ve ever owned which is about 15 or so systems. But there are plenty of consoles that I didn’t own, and I’m sure my wife would be totally fine with me spending thousands of dollars on old consoles I’ll never play. So I think the next logical step would be to branch out and get those systems that I never had. I’m looking at you NEO GEO.

8. Visit Xbox Headquarters

Say what you will about the Xbox brand this generation (and there is a lot to talk about) but I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for that neon green beauty. I think they’ve both innovated in some amazing ways, and done a lot of great things for their fans. I’d love the chance to go check out where all the magic happens…. and maybe hug Phil Spencer.

7. Turn Mega Dads into a Full Time Career

This one seems like a stretch. But this is a list of dreams, so who cares. I’ve already managed to check off a number of things that I would have considered nearly impossible when Mega Dads first started, so why not dream big? If I somehow had the financial freedom to focus on Mega Dads full-time I think there would be a chance to do some pretty amazing things. I guess I’d better go buy a Powerball ticket.

spencer6. Become Best Friends With Phil Spencer

I mean… look at the guy. This one’s a no brainer. He’s handsome, charismatic, he always has a cool t-shirt on, and he genuinely cares about the gaming community and has done some amazing things since heading up Xbox. He’s one of the few big game industry suits who also seems like he’d be really cool to hang out with. So yeah, we should be BFFs.

5. Appear in a Video Game

Motion capture technology has become so impressive in recent years that it’s getting easier and easier to capture an actors performance and put it into a game. Studios like Naughty Dog, Ninja Theory, and Rockstar are doing amazing work and I want to be a part of it. I don’t even care what game it is. I just want to squeeze my fat ass into a skin-tight body suit, have someone put balls all over me, and jump around like an idiot playing make believe.

4. Get a Piggy Back Ride from Reggie Fils-Aime

Just look at the dude. You know he gives good Piggy.

3. Visit Nintendo of America

While most of the big first party Nintendo games come out of Japan, it would still be amazing to go see the awesome work that Nintendo of America does at their headquarters in Redmond, Washington. Maybe then I could get a sneak peek at the amazing Animal Crossing game for the Switch that is absolutely happening and probably should be announced any second now………….. aaaaaaaaaaaany second.

2. Travel to Tokyo, Japan

When I was a kid, Japan was a mythical type of place where video games were born. As I’ve grown up, that mystique has someone faded but it’s still a completely fascinating place. The food, the culture, and of course…. the video games. The list of places that I’d like to visit around the world is large, but Japan is easily at the top.

1. Meet Shigeru Miyamoto

For people of my generation who grew up on Nintendo games, the name Shigeru Miyamoto stands tall alongside the likes of Walt Disney or Steven Spielberg. The man has created a long list of classic games that have inspired millions of people around the world, from Super Mario Bros. and Donkey Kong to The Legend of Zelda and Pikmin. There are a lot of big names in the video game industry, but none of them come even close to Miyamoto, and it would be a dream come true to one day meet him.


So that’s my list! Some are very feasible and some are probably just pipe dreams, but just because I’m 40 years old now doesn’t mean I need to stop dreaming. In all honestly I have a pretty amazing life and I’ve been able to do some truly awesome things in recent years, but life is short and I want to try and do as many more things as possible. Maybe someday soon I’ll be able to check a few of these off of the list. I’m coming for you Reggie.




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  1. Oh… that’s an impressive bucket list and hmmm you wanted to become best friend with Phil Spencer? interesting! Does it mean you also love playing Destiny 2? 🙂

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