Get Out and Have Fun with Your Kids for Their Health!


As adults, we often get caught up in the rat race of work, meals, shopping, shuttling kids to and fro, that we’ve forgotten to take time to play. Your kids have not forgotten, and most likely spend their whole day looking for ways to play. By taking the time to play outside with your kids, you can transform your family’s health and relationships both mentally and physically.

Playing does amazing things for the brain by releasing endorphins and lowering cortisol. These give you an energy boost and stress relief. When you spend this time with your loved ones you will increase the trust and quality time of your family and build bonds that will last a lifetime. Here are some fun and easy ways for your family to play together and stay active, bonded, and playful!

1. Go outside!

Being outside is beneficial to the human psyche for all ages. Take your kids for a nature walk, catch bugs and butterflies and observe them. Or, weed and water the garden together and watch the clouds or stars. These small backyard experiences will increase their curiosity and emotional health, while giving you a new perspective to see your everyday environment through your children’s eyes.

2. Family sports

Sports are another great way to get that connection with a little more action. A quick game of football or basketball will give you that play time and exercise you never have time for, while strengthening your child’s athletic skills and interests. Think how proud you’ll be watching your son’s first varsity football game and remembering teaching him how to throw a football in the front yard!

3. Outdoor games

Aside from the traditional sports, outdoor “BBQ games” are increasing in popularity. Games like ultimate frisbee golf, cornhole, and backyard bowling are great ways to relax and have fun while staying active. These unique games are fun for the whole family and can bring you together in such special ways.

These ideas are easy to find and inexpensive for your family to spend quality time together. Building trust and relationship with your children will bring happiness and peace to your entire family, even in just 30 minutes a day. It will also help them improve their physical skills and find interests and hobbies they love.

So get creative, get outside, and go play!

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