My Future At Mega Dads

First I want to thank everyone for your incredible support and patronage of Mega Dads over these last few years. Having built all of this with John and sharing it with an enthusiastic and receptive audience has been one of the (if not THE) greatest creative thrills of my professional career. But as great as these last few years have been I am writing this today because I find myself at an unavoidable conclusion that I have overextended myself in my duties at Mega Dads and I need to re-evaluate how I am dedicating myself and my time.

The unfortunate reality is I work a full-time career, I have a second job as a freelance artist, twice a week I’m rolling out of bed and heading out the door before my family wakes up to donate plasma (where I sit now, writing this), I write, record, edit, draw, design, compose music, and do community/Patreon management for Mega Dads — and that’s all on top of trying to be a parent, husband and human being. It’s become too much and it’s at the detriment of my family and personal time. I’ve avoided facing this for too long because I don’t want to disappoint anyone by stepping back or not meeting my promises. But I have to do something.

I find that I’m always behind a deadline of either needing to complete a comic strip, or create a Patreon reward bundle, or edit a podcast and the time I’m spending catching up is taking away from my family or my responsibilities. Not to mention it’s affecting the quality of what I do by always rushing to catch up. It came to clarity for me yesterday as I realized how my time on Mega Dads was frustrating my family and I was neglecting their needs in favor of podcasting. I was frustrated and angry with myself as I drove home from work realizing I had no time, and at the height of my frustration my eyeglasses literally fell apart on my face amidst driving in rush-hour traffic. It was a sign. I had literally reached a breaking point.

So I’m writing to express my sincere apologies and to tell you that I will be stepping back from Mega Dads a little bit for a while. I cannot sustain these deadlines and still retain myself. I will provide more insight into what this means moving forward once I figure this out myself. I hope you understand that I need to do what is best for me and my family.

I love Mega Dads, I truly appreciate you the audience, and I only want to do right by everyone. This is not goodbye or retirement, just time to re-evaluate what I’m doing with myself.

Thank you for your understanding


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