The Mega Dads 50 Best Games of All Time: 40-31

week two

Coming up with a list of our 50 favorite games was a daunting task, but putting them in a definitive order was downright terrifying! While the first 10 games went pretty easy, once we got down to this weeks games things got a bit more complicated as we had to deal with some games that one of us felt passionately about and the other was indifferent. Sometimes games resonate with one of us in a particularly strong way, and we tried to get as many of those games on the list too, even if the other one of us didn’t feel that strongly about it.

week2-01The Sims

One of the few PC games to adorn our list, there is no denying the all-consuming appeal of The Sims. John and I would lose ourselves for hours channeling our inner Property Brothers by building our ultimate dream homes and then populating them with digital recreations of ourselves, which we would then promptly starve and watch them pee their pants. The Sims broke ground in the customization side of gaming and did it with a fantastic sense of humor to boot. –Adam

week2-02Wave Race 64

We are big racing game fans at Mega Dads, and even bigger arcade racing fans. Anything that’s fast action and outrageous speed is what we look for in a racer. Nintendo delivered on that and then added water with Wave Race 64. Whether it’s cruising along the tropical beaches or darting between cargo ships, the fun of racing your friends is greatly heightened when you add the unpredictable nature of the sea. Using large cresting waves to launch yourself across the finish line is an amazing feeling that still holds up today. -Adam


When it was released in 1999, Shenmue was one of the most expensive and ambitious video games ever made. It is the story of a young man Ryu and his quest to the find answers surrounding his father’s murder. The game was packed full of details to make the world of Yokosuka, Japan incredibly immersive. From shopping at the local markets to driving a forklift to earn money, many of the elements of the game have been called frivolous, but to me these small moments are what made the game unique. It was ahead of its time and inspired many of the open world games that followed. -John

week2-04Night in the Woods

What?! How is this not number one?! Night in the Woods is exactly the kind of indie darling that speaks to me on a level precious few other games can. While gameplay mechanics are sparse and minimal, the world, music and characters of this adventure drew me in during my entire stay in Possum Springs. Following protagonist Mae as she rediscovers her childhood home and reconnects with her misfit school friends as they discover life just isn’t what they had hoped it would be is equal parts hilarious and touching. Do yourself a favor and spend a Night in the Woods. -Adam

week2-05Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

For years the Call of Duty series was known for its gritty representation of WWII. So when developer Infinity Ward decided to leave that war behind and move into the modern era it was a bit of a risky move. But the gamble paid off as they created nothing short of one of the most defining games of a generation. The single player campaign featured a compelling story and some of the most memorable levels in a FPS, and the multiplayer was more addictive than ever with the introduction of killstreaks and unlockable perks. Over a decade later the game still holds up as arguably one of the greatest shooters of all time. -John

week2-06Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Considered by many to be one of the best action adventures in gaming, Uncharted 2 was the chapter in which it became clear that the excursions of Nathan Drake were going to set the bar for other games in the genre. Building on the already amazing cast of characters, Uncharted 2 introduces us to Chloe Frazer, who now seems poised to carry the torch for the series. The adventure finds Drake neck deep in an underworld of thieves and mercenaries as they search for the fabled Shangri-La. Uncharted 2 also stepped up the set piece game with the infamous train stunt sequence which has become a defining moment in the franchise. -Adam

week2-07Grand Theft Auto IV

GTA IV takes the crown as our favorite game in the series. While it may not have all the bells and whistles that the fifth entry enjoys, the dark crime world of Niko Bellic gives this installment the nudge. The dreary and bleak Liberty City serves as the perfect backdrop for this story of an immigrant trying to outrun his colored past and make a new life in America. Nothing is ever easy though in Rockstar’s crime series and Niko must fight, steal and murder his way through Liberty’s dark underbelly in pursuit of the American Dream… and in pursuit of hookers too. -Adam

week2-08Super Mario Odyssey

The 3D Super Mario games have always been great, but there is something undeniably special about Odyssey. It manages to be a celebration of Mario with constant tributes to his 30+ year history while also feeling fresh and innovating. The worlds are beautiful, funny and diverse and the addition of Cappy is the best new mechanic to be added to a Mario game….ever. The game is also loaded with enough extras to keep you playing for dozens of hours and the post game content put a stupidly huge grin on my face and was the most fun I’ve had with a video game in a long time. -John


Few games on our list made as lasting of a first impression as the first time you lay eyes on the underwater city of Rapture. The unforgettable introduction set the stage for one of the most unique stories in gaming. The gameplay is top notch with solid gunplay and unique supernatural powers, but it’s the story and characters like Andrew Ryan, Sander Cohen, and the iconic Big Daddies that cemented this game as one of the best of all time. -John

week2-10Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2 took the concept of the original RE, juiced it up, and set it loose on the denizens of the sleepy town of Raccoon City. While RE1 was all about isolation and survival, the sequel put the pedal to the floor as Leon and Claire took arms and blasted their way through the city through hordes of the undead and a legion of grotesque mutants. The setting was larger, the cast more diverse and fleshed out, and the action was head and shoulders above it’s predecessor. Resident Evil 2 was the perfect followup to the horror classic and still stands as one of the best in a hallmark series. -Adam

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